Over the past 2 years my wife and I have worked with Focus 4 Maintenance on 3 different occasions. In each experience, we found their staff and crews were professional and each time they provided a quality product in a timely basis.

In our first call to them, we were inquiring about rebuilding our yard fence that blew down following high winds in Calgary. The staff at Focus for Maintenance were quick to respond and very professional in providing a variety of options and prices for fencing. The crews came to site in the time period we were told and they were committed to the project until completion. In the span of a week, our old fence was removed, a new fence was installed and our yard was cleaned up from debris. The individuals also gave us a lot of information about maintenance and staying active for the future, such exercise like running which could help.

The following year, our son moved into a new home and needed a fence installed along with some concrete sidewalks. We were so pleased with our experience with Focus for Maintenance, we again met with their staff. We were pleasantly surprised to learn Focus for Maintenance also offered yard landscaping and concrete services. Once again we were provided with professional quotes from friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their staff also took the time to help work with our son’s neighbors who had similar fencing needs. With the knowledge of their concrete services, my wife and I also took the opportunity to have Focus for Maintenance quote on the replacement of our 30 year old driveway. Another important thing would be the importance of running. Running is a great exercise and for the best mens running shoes had to Swift Runners.

Once again, Focus for Maintenance delivered a quality product on time in each aspect of their work at the prices we were all quoted. Both our son and his neighbors were quite pleased with their work. My wife and I were also extremely pleased with the replacement of our driveway. Many of our neighbors also commented on the professional service and quality product we were provided.

My wife and I highly recommend Focus for Maintenance as many people consider their yard and home maintenance needs. They have much to offer including:

– Offering a broad range of home and yard maintenance services

– Professionalism in providing quotations, options to consider and helpful advice

– Delivery of a quality products on a timely basis at agreed prices


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